The iBex Saddlechariot

The iBex is the version of the Saddlechariot that does everything I ever wanted it to. It is a safe, wheelchair accessible, one person, pony drawn vehicle. But what I wanted it to do is what matters.

I want to make mucking about  with ponies accessible to everyone. That is why safety is at the heart of the system. The iBex with it’s safety systems makes the People Like PoniesProject viable.  Ponies will have a future rather than being shot on Dartmoor to feed the local zoo animals.

People will be able to go cross country even if they are disabled or elderly. The beach won’t be a no go area. And the helpers get to muck about with ponies all day and might even get paid.

So a useful life for the ponies, freedom for the elderly and disabled and jobs. What is the downside?

The helpers may notice that the iBex is magic to drive disabled or not and may copy me and spend as much time as possible test driving the vehicle “just to see it’s OK”.


3 Responses to The iBex Saddlechariot

  1. linda hobart says:

    Hey Simon, hope you are getting more publicity now.
    I have a big birthday soon and would so love another ride with Obama – either
    here in Exmouth or Dartmoor. How are you fixed? Linda x

  2. dora standing says:

    Hi how can I help? I live in midhurst West Sussex and have a fab standard Shetland driving pony but would love to get involved eg training ponies to drive, giving elder let disabled around this area opportunity to drive. Etc. dora standing.

    • Dora, please contact me on or 07510736518
      I am in Sussex from the 7th ish to the 15th also ish. I am doing a demo on the i3th around Forest Row and spending the rest of the time trying to drive as much of the South Downs Way as I can. It is pretty easy and I want if possible to do the full length from Eastbourne to Winchester in a wheelchair. I just like a relaxing trip. Anyway, we could try to meet up.

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